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This blog is now rarely updated, but it used to cover the Yankees, Mets, baseball in general, New York, and sometimes movies. So does my book, “90% of the Game Is Half Mental,” available online and in stores, which (I can assure you from personal experience) makes an excellent coaster. I grew up in New Jersey worshipping at the altar of Don Mattingly, and have written about baseball for, among other places, the Village Voice, New York Press, Slate, Sports on Earth (where until recently I was an editor) and The New York Times. I’m now working as an editor at Sports Illustrated, and living in Brooklyn with my boyfriend and an extremely affectionate, somewhat dim Labrador Retriever.

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(I started getting too much email to leave my address public here; if you want to reach me the best way is via Twitter, where I’m @emmaspan.)

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