Sports on Earth

I won’t claim that I’m going to start updating this site regularly… frankly, that seems like a bit of a longshot. Let’s just say it’s a goal. I wanted to offer a quick update, though, because I know people still stop by this place every once in a while.

For the last year (almost) I’ve been editing full-time and also writing over at Sports On Earth, a site from and USA Today that launched last August. Almost a year in, we still have a lot to improve and a lot of growing to do, but I’m really proud of the site overall. My writing can be found here, but there are a lot of excellent writers there, and I am happy to be consistently overshadowed. I’ve enjoyed editing very much, though I often feel karma is at work for the things I put my poor editors through back in the day.

I rarely get time for much else, though I am hoping to do a movie-related project soon. In the meantime I’m on Twitter more often than I should be.

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