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I won’t claim that I’m going to start updating this site regularly… frankly, that seems like a bit of a longshot. Let’s just say it’s a goal. I wanted to offer a quick update, though, because I know people still stop by this place every once in a while.

For the last year (almost) I’ve been editing full-time and also writing over at Sports On Earth, a site from and USA Today that launched last August. Almost a year in, we still have a lot to improve and a lot of growing to do, but I’m really proud of the site overall. My writing can be found here, but there are a lot of excellent writers there, and I am happy to be consistently overshadowed. I’ve enjoyed editing very much, though I often feel karma is at work for the things I put my poor editors through back in the day.

I rarely get time for much else, though I am hoping to do a movie-related project soon. In the meantime I’m on Twitter┬ámore often than I should be.

2 Responses to “Sports on Earth”

  1. Nik says:

    Regarding your “Is Softball Sexist” piece in the NYT, I have the same reaction I had years and years ago when I read something similar in The Atlantic Monthly (though the Atlantic piece was only about this single issue; your article references it but isn’t limited to this issue alone).

    Men and women both throw the ball instinctively the same way – i.e. they each throw from their center of gravity, because that is how you get the most power behind the ball. I don’t know if the rules of baseball allow underhanded pitching, but if it were permitted then women would be allowed to pitch “the same way” that men do (if you look at the physics of it) – from their center of gravity. Women not allowed to pitch underhand are at a disadvantage. Men playing softball also would be at a disadvantage if not allowed to pitch overhand. Women pitching overhand just to be ‘equal’ to men makes no sense; that is equality only examined at the most superficial level.

    A man’s center of gravity is in his chest. A woman’s center of gravity is in her hips. There’s an old bit of entertainment people used to indulge in in college. A woman would bend over, flat back, and lift a short stool. Then she’d challenge a man to do the same. He could not. He cannot. He never will be able to — without falling over, precisely because his center of gravity is in his chest. (FYI, if he can, he was born a woman and had an operation or just dresses the part).

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