The Hall of Nearly Great

Allow me to offer an only slightly belated plug for The Hall of Nearly Great, to which I contributed a chapter allong with some pretty kickass writers: Joe Posnanski, Jonah Keri, Jeff Passan, Will Leitch, Wendy Thurm, David Roth, Rob Neyer, Craig Calcaterra, Twitter’s own Old Hoss Radbourn, and Jay Jaffe and his mustache, among many others.

I wrote about Lenny Dykstra, which means that while my chapter may not be the book’s best, it is the only one to feature antisemetic slurs, multiple felonies, a bounced check to an escort, and Amy Fisher boxing the Octomom.

The book comes in all different ebook formats (I like the pdf best, myself) and is available here for $12:

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