One More for the Money; Also Facial Hair

My writeup of last night’s game is up at the Banter.

In other vitally important news (via Rob Neyer), I am quite pleased to see that Diamondbacks reliever Clay Zaveda – who also has a fine baseball name – has won the American Mustache Institute’s coveted “Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year.” It is well deserved. The Phillies and, especially, the Cardinals, among other teams, could learn a lot from this guy about proper facial hair technique. (Last night a friend of mine expressed the opinion, unprompted by me, that Jayson Werth “looks like a human rattail”).

To summarize:

This is how it’s done.



Absolutely not.


3 Responses to “One More for the Money; Also Facial Hair”

  1. Jason says:

    With a name like Zavada and a moustache like that, he should be a conquistador.

  2. Henry Hill says:

    This isn't about facial hair but I didn't know where else to ask this question. I've asked a number of people and they mumbled some unconvincing explanations, so I decided only you know the answer: why was Joba Chamberlain the winning pitcher two nights ago? As far as I can tell, when he came into the game the Yankees were ahead and when he left, there was a tie. Basically he served up a home run. So how could he be the winning pitcher? If you can explain this I will buy two copies of your book! Thank you…

  3. Bianka says:

    My list:1) Alan Embree/Mark Bellhorn Both were hardly Yankees, but still, as a memebr of the 04 Boston team, he makes the list by also being crappy for the Yankees.2) Tony Womack Pretty much the same theme, but this time the Diamondbacks, not to mention that he seemed like an irascible fellow.3) Javier Vazquez/Kevin Brown Game 7, 2004 ALCS.4) Jeff Weaver Cardinals world series champion? What the heck?!5) Jose Contreras Same but with the White Sox.6) Kenny Lofton Complain, complain, complain. I really don’t like this guy and am so happy he was forced into retirement because nobody wanted him around.7 and Alfonso Soriano and Jason Giambi Way to go in the 03 World Series, guys. I’m not doing a package deal here because both of them annoy me so badly, but in different ways. Soriano, with his bizarro strike zone and no defense. Giambi, with his steroid related injuries and decision to stop staying in shape and partying all the time while in New York. I look at Giambi as instuting the rock star, we don’t have to care about winning a World Series because we’ve already made it by simply being Yankees attitude I’ve seen with this club since 2001. Enrique Wilson Where do I begin? 1997 Cleveland Indians; hanging out with Manny Ramirez; being incapable of doing anything well on a baseball field except run and yet getting sleepy Joe Torre to play you all the time; and, if you believe this sort of thing, scheduling a flight right after the 01 World Series which caused God to step in and cause Mariano to lose for us in order to keep him off the plane that crashed. (No, I don’t really believe in that type of thing, but I still hate the guy for the other reasons.)10) Felix Heredia If I never have to watch this guy pitch again, it will be too soon. Did anyone check this guy’s credentials before letting him pitch? Just because you’re a lefty doesn’t mean you belong on the diamond as this guy, who made a specialty of throwing way way way outside against lefties (well, I guess that qualifies as some kind of lefty specialist) has proven so well.

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