Baseball Player Names of the Week

Today’s names come courtesy of valued commenter Unmoderated:

Mutz and Jewel Ens, brothers out of St. Louis, MO.

Mutz made it to the White Sox for all of 5 days in 1912, where he had zero hits and no walks in 6 plate appearances, giving him a lifetime OPS+ of -100. He also made two errors at first base, just for good measure.

His brother Jewel, younger by two years, played with Pittsburgh for parts of four seasons – 47 games in 1922, but only 3 by 1925. His batting average was .290, but his OBP was just .323, and he hit one home run in his career. The internet doesn’t tell us much more than that about the Ens brothers, except that Mutz’s real name was Anton, and that Jewel’s middle name was… (drumroll):


3 Responses to “Baseball Player Names of the Week”

  1. unmoderated says:

    i saw our old pal Jewel, but wasn't sure if they were brothers or not.

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