Now on Sale at the Stadium Store, Pitchforks and Torches

You know how some sports blogs try to attract traffic with photos of hot chicks in bikinis? Well, I’m going to try a slightly different, but related, approach: the cute animal photo. Herewith, the expression on my dog’s face when Joe Girardi took Dave Robertson out of the game in the 11th inning, with two outs and nobody on, and brought in Alfredo Aceves:

Pearl, official Eephus Pitch mascot

I hope to make this a regular feature.

Anyway, this is one of those days I’m just glad I’m not a manager, especially not a New York manager. I like Joe Girardi, and I think he’s done a very good this year on the whole, but… yeah… it may be time for him to take it down a notch.

I’ll be writing up tonight’s game over at the Banter. Make Pearl happy, CC.

5 Responses to “Now on Sale at the Stadium Store, Pitchforks and Torches”

  1. rufuswashere says:

    Wonderful. If a dog could say "WTF?", Pearl is saying it in that photo.

  2. unmoderated says:

    the sad thing is, i'm a huge Aceves fan. shame.

  3. Crina says:

    Haha August 29, 2012 00:43Completely irrelevant; you’re coaimrpng apples to oranges. There is absolutely no comparison between Curtis Granderson and Steve Pearce.Here’s a very simple, easy to follow, evident example for you:EVERY team would KILL to have Curtis Granderson on their team.The fucking ASTROS, who have lost more than twice as many games as they have won, DID NOT EVEN WANT HIS ASS.That alone tells anyone and everyone all they need to know.The point of the article, and of mine, is that this lineup sucks, but there are several other much better choices for the cleanup spot than some clown the MLB worst Astros did not want any part of. And for what it’s worth, if you watched the games, you would have seen Granderson homer off of lefty Tony Sipp a couple of days ago (August 26). Learn some grammar; think before you speak; watch the games.I know you guys always tell me to leave the Red Sux troll alone, and you can’t fix stupid, and you’re probably right, haha. Alright, good enough. 3 3

  4. Keunho says:

    Melky: .249-2-15; 3 SB in 4 attempts. OPS+ 73. Lousy. Matsui: .264-9-39; olsuoivby no SB attempts with those knees. 36 soon. OPS+ 107. Not bad but slowing down. Damon: .294-3-18. 4 for 5 in SB. Good OPS+ of 121. 36. Given a reasonable offer by the Yanks and refused it expecting more elsewhere which he DID NOT GET. Cashman read the market correctly. Damon and Boras did not. How many DHs would you want? Matsui can’t play the field, and I don’t want “Venus de Milo” Damon’s arm out there. Damon spends as much time DHing for the Tigers as he does in the field. Or doesn’t defense (speed and arm) mean anything anymore? Meanwhile Gardner is at .317-3-20; 22 SB. More RBI than JD, better average. Higher OPS+ at 126. I can’t judge Granderson yet because of the injury and time off. Even with the time off, Granderson is 5 for 5 in SB, better than JD or Melky. Toronto has taken a step back? Yes, they don’t have Halladay. They are 35-30. A pace for 87 wins. They were 75-87 last year. Step back? Kyle Drabek, Doug’s kid, acquired from the Phils in the Halladay deal, is 7-5, 3.24 in AA ball. He’s just 22. Johnson has been disappointing. Vazquez’ started slow. Since the 1-4 start and the skipped turn, he has gone 4-2, 2.93. If he does from here through September what he’s done over the last month, I’ll gladly take that.

  5. Sonam says:

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